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Are you using your time as effectively as you could be?  Effectively managing your time requires planning, prioritizing, and willpower.  The Pomodoro Technique and Prioritized To-Do lists are the dynamic duo of time-management strategies.  You can easily put these two techniques into action so you can have more time and energy to do what you love:

Pomodoro Technique

It’s a simplified easy-to-follow time management approach that can help you achieve maximum focus and productivity and we love it! Don’t take just our word for it, how about 2 Mil Pomodoro users. The technique is simple, for every twenty-five minutes you work on a given task, you take a five minute break.  Taking short breaks throughout your workday has been proven to boost your focus and productivity, as well as, increase your health and wellness.  Buda, a leading international healthcare group, found that taking mini breaks throughout your day can increase your eye health, ease stress, fight fatigue, and help you stay more alert.  Alice Rossiter from the Bupa Health Information Team says, “Remember, the productivity you gain from regular breaks will more than make up for the time you spend taking some time out.”

Make Prioritized To-Do Lists

Planning out your day ahead of time will save you time and stress later.  Every night, take a couple of minutes to jot down your top three “Most Important Tasks” (MITs) that you must accomplish the following day.  These tasks should be ones that produce the biggest impact on your day.  Try to complete these tasks first thing in the morning.  If you postpone working on your MITs, you might get busy and run out of time to get them done.  You will most likely have other tasks to complete throughout the day, but the key idea is that if nothing else gets done, you will still have had a productive day because you finished your most important tasks.  Combining this approach with the Pomodoro Technique is an extremely effective way to manage your time and quickly accomplish your MITs.
Implementing these two simple techniques will help you master your time and help you get your work done faster so you can enjoy your free time more. Here’s what Business Insider staff experiencedBut what about tracking our time when used efficiently, should we take be taking a note everytime or is there a better way…hmm? (Psst…we do have something up our sleeve with POCCO!)
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