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Ever had a moment at work where you were completely immersed in a task with full-on focus and that dreadful tap on the shoulder goes hey! Do you have a minute?’Makes you so irksome??? In my days as a Mechanical Engineer – I am so focused on making a plastic part pretty that when the customer holds it in their hand its smooth surfaces reflect light with continuity as a Porsche’s hood would reflect the glimpse of street lights so beautifully. There goes the tap on the desk – Hey! How are you? Can you check out this parts list for me? …Sure!’ back to where I left out….oh wait what was I thinking about that curvature again?
Had I seen that tap on the desk coming, would I have prepared myself? – Don’t be ridiculous!
If only I had my own office with a shut door – Umm your boss sits in a cube, so what’s your point?
What if I put up a DO NOT DISTURB sign? – Sure Ms.NotGonnaHappenRude

How could I possibly be productive every time there is a need for communication in an open office setting which successfully loses my train of thought every single time? Don’t get me wrong, social interactions are vital and teamwork is a must. But in any given day we all have those important or dreadful tasks that we just want to get it done within a set timeframe. After all without that interruption I had, I would have completed the part and sent it to the prototype machine and be ahead of my game.

It is certainly amazing how much we get done when we stick to – one task at a time. Although, we convince ourselves there isn’t enough time in a day and we must multi-task to get it all done. How often do we sit back and list out what we truly accomplished? Being productive is so much more gratifying than doing hundreds of tasks and still feeling empty. A significant factor in such behavior is ‘stress.’ Now by no means am I a Doctor/Psychologist/Researcher or using any degree to conclude but merely my common sense. When things do not get done, they pile up. The pile itself is good enough to make us paranoid on how behind we are versus how far we’ve come.

The true sense of getting it done is lost because of interruptions some made up by ourselves(multitasking) and some made up by other factors(like the above). How do you embrace these interruptions? What would you like to see change for the better? Or are u content with the feeling of emptiness?

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  • Arelena

    I would not be taking productivity advice from someone who does not bother to take the time and proof their writing, especially while promoting a product. It’s ironic that the topic is focus while your sentences are anything but.

    • POCCO

      Thank you for your comment Arelena. You may be correct, our intent may have got lost in our writing because the message was never about ‘Focus’ but how to get there. We are refining our skills as a startup and truly appreciate your honest feedback.

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