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America is infatuated with personal data collection and planning. The wearable device market, according to Forbes, is set to surpass $16 Billion by 2020.The personal planner giant Franklin Covey now has apps for scheduling and task management for a variety of mobile devices.The famous paper journal maker Moleskine now has an Evernote edition to make the digitizing of your handwritten notes and sketches easier to upload. Now more than ever Americans are turning to devices and apps to monitor, measure and evaluation performance to increase their productivity. While one in 3 Americans will have a wearable device in the next 5 years, none of these tools actually increase productivity or reduce interruptions in the work place. Imagine what you could accomplish in a workday with reduced interruptions, increased focus on tasks and data collected from your workday productivity.

What would you do with an extra 30, 45 or 60 minutes a day? How does improved efficiency look like when you work with less distractions and fewer interruptions? Imagine that.

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