Freedom to focus exists.

Designed to be your digital assistant, Pocco gives you the power to define your ‘Rules of disengagement’. Collaboration, conversation and communication are all very important factors of your daily success, our focus is on your most important factor of success, the power to focus and be distraction free! This streamlined device has two screens to double the impact of staying focused(screen for you) & Interruption free(Screen for others). Nobody will be able to sneak up on you or approach you from behind with this timekeeper to tell them off for you, so you only turn it on when you are in your ‘Focus’ mode.

Achieving a state of deep productivity, or as we call it,

entering the ‘POCCO Zone’  is invaluable for the

development of their brilliant ideas and solutions.

How POCCO Works

Life With POCCO

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I buy more than 10 Poccos at a time?

We have better deals when buying for teams!


What does Pocco stand for?

Nothing, it’s just a name we love!


How do I add a custom message to Pocco?

Currently Pocco comes with 10 pre-loaded messages for you to scroll & select. Custom message feature will be added to our next gen.

Why can’t I change time on Pocco in the middle of a countdown?

Once a timer is set and you want to add/del time, you have to tilt Pocco more than 45 degree angle to get it to scroll.

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